Welcome to the Library - Museum of the

Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing

Major Donors

Alexandros Tobazis & 
Ioanna Tobazi –Christopoulou                                 (Nikos Tobazis Library-section)

M.Deffner family                                                             (M.Deffner Library-section)

G.Moysides family                                                       (G.Moysides Library-section)

Ath.Tzartzanos family                                              (Ath.Tzartzanos library-section) 

Nikos Nezis

Dimitri Georgoulis

Thomas Michailidis                                                    (G.Michailidis Library-section)
Our Major Sponsors are
The library was also sponsored by
“Ath.Lefkaditis” Legacy

We acknowledge the precious assistance and approval  of former General Secretary of the Prefecture of Attica Mr Charalambos Maniatis

for the creation of the Library - Museum

The interior design and project of the premises were by courtesy of the architect Mr. Alexandros Tobazis

The library - museum was created between the years 2005-2008

by the President of H.F.M.C. Mr. Dimitris Georgoulis

The library - museum was opened on 29/1/2011

by The Secretary General on Sport Mr. Panayiotis Bitsaksis


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